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Thought a lot about studying in Canada? Well, we have something that could strengthen your opinion. Remember the last time you heard about a friend who's studying in Canada and you got so absorbed in the discussion and really gave a thought to that opinion. Study Abroad gives you really great exposure and a whole lot of new experiences. Talking about studying in Canada, we have a list of top reasons to study in Canada to help you decide which side your boat is going to sail.

Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

1. Get a World-Class Experience from Top Universities in Canada:

Canadian colleges are a piece of art and it is accepted and tested by all. Be it in the technology sector, or in the non-tech counterpart, Canadian colleges are known to deliver a world-class education as it is proved by the fact that a total of six Canadian universities have managed to get a place in the Top 100 rankings of the best universities all over the globe by the Times Higher Education World University Ratings, making them one of the best reasons to study in Canada. Moreover, education in Canada is on the affordable side compared to the other English-speaking countries like the USA and Australia.

Here is the list of Universities in Canada with QS World Rankings:

Check out more here: Universities in Canada 

2. Get on the High Road to Success to Experience the Tech Industry:

There are very predominant industries in Canada such as telecommunications, video games, biotech, digital media and aeronautical engineering, and MBA in Canada. Canada took initiative and was one of the first countries to connect to the internet through an innovative SchoolNet program. Talking about the internet connectivity here, it would be a pretty amazing fact that almost 90% of Canadian households are connected to the internet. The technological programs and research output in Canadian Universities are commendable.

3. Experience and have a chance to learn multi-languages:

Are you ready to boost your language and communication skills to a whole new level? If yes, then Canada might be the place for you because of its bilingual culture. The two of the major spoken languages of the world namely French and English are an integral part of the Canadian educational system.

4. Get a Sure Shot at Employment After Graduation:

This has to be one of the top 5 reasons to study in Canada. After getting a diploma from a post-secondary school the government of Canada offers a work program for the students to Study Abroad. Thinking of ways to continue your stay in Canada to develop and diversify your professional skills? Well, the work program might be the answer to this question.

5. Get a Taste of Excellent Lifestyle:

Three cities in Canada made it to the top 50 in the rankings of student cities to Study abroad, namely Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The criteria for the rankings comprised of several factors such as the diversity of the student population, affordability, and the perception of the employers for the graduates in the job market.

6. Work While Studying:

A Canadian study permit allows international students to work while studying without having to apply for a separate work permit. International students can work at part-time jobs for 20 hours a week. Additionally, during semester breaks and summer breaks, they are allowed to work full time. Working while studying can prove to be a great opportunity for the students at having the work-experience and networking even before they graduate. However, it is not mandatory to have a part-time job in Canada in a particular field of study that the student is pursuing

7. Immerse in the Natural Beauty of Canada:

Spread across a vast area that is roughly 14 times that of France, Canada offers a magnificent landscape that is available to explore throughout the four seasons. There are a vast number of tourist sites in Canada such as:

  • The fascinating Rockies
  • Lake Louise
  • Niagara Falls
  • Whistler Mountain​

Now that you know all seven of them, what are you waiting for? Not only academically, Studying in Canada will help you develop your overall personality with a world-class education, research resources, and best of the student life.

8. Safety:

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, and you will realize that as soon as you land for the first time in the country. The colleges and universities take extra measures to make the environment safe for international students.  Along with that, Public Safety Canada is a government body created for all kinds of risks to public safety.

9. Canada Immigration Policy:

Go through our  Student Visa in Canada Guidelines and you will know how straightforward and transparent the visa process is. Study and Work in Canada, Stay Back options, and work after studies are one of the most liberal in the world. You can get as long as 3 years of Stay Back period once your studies are over. Students, many of them apply for permanent residency after that.

10. Not only Winters

A common misconception is that Canada is just about harsh winters. Now, the winters are long and cold in places. However, they are as many as four seasons in Canada. The more you start coming to the South, the days are longer and the winters are shorter. The spring and fall are the seasons to look forward to. Most of the courses also will start in the fall, and you get to see Canada in a way you had not imagined before.


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