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It is no doubt that all Ph.D. students should have a letter of recommendation which is an important part of documents during admission. Though the documents like the scores and the transcripts are factual but having a letter of recommendation is very helpful for the candidate. This is because it connects the plans and facts of the resume as well it states the purpose of the recommendation. Basically, the resume points out the list of your accomplishments and the transcripts are the proof of it. But the statement of purpose says that how much you are prepared for the course. After all, we can say that a letter of recommendation is an overview of all the above.


What Should Be Included In A Recommendation Letter For Ph D Students


Letter Of Recommendation Required For Ph.D. Students

All the candidates who have been trying to pursue Ph.D. basically need to have two letters of recommendation. This is because the admission will get to know the candidate in a much better way. It is generally a difficult task for the committee to know the skills of the candidates just by looking at their resume or transcripts, so, it is important to have a letter of recommendation.


It is important that the letter of recommendation that the Ph.D. students have should at least mention three qualities of them.  The qualities mentioned should at least have two qualities related to subject or technique and a social quality as well. It is known to all that Ph.D. is basically a specialized programme which is advanced so the quality related to subjects should be more focused on specialized courses and the projects that have been carried out by the students. This will help in the Ph.D. research of the student.

What Is The Need Of Letter Of Recommendation For Ph.D. Students?

For all the Ph.D. applicants, a letter of recommendation is more important for Masters or undergraduate applicants. Though the GRE scores and grades play an important role in getting an admit from a university, if a candidate has a letter of recommendation then there are many chances for the candidate being selected. Letter of recommendation helps in deciding the admission committee to decide between the candidates who have the same potential or grades.



Asking For Letter Of Recommendation From The Right Person

You might just not go a random person and ask for a letter of recommendation. The candidate should have the right knowledge of whom to ask for the LOR.  Ph.D. is generally an academic degree so it is important that you should have a referee who can assist your academic strengths and inclination.


The person who refers you should be someone with whom you have worked with or who have taught or supervised you. All the applicants who want to pursue their Ph.D. programme should ask the project guide of their Masters to be their first referee. The other referee of the candidate should be those who from the specialized field in which you want to pursue your Ph.D.


So, the above-mentioned points were a few tips that will help a Ph.D. aspirant to get a better chance of admission. However, the applicants should keep in mind that the family members or relatives are not allowed to write any letter of recommendation.

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