Tips on How to Write the Best SOP for Your MBA Admission abroad



MBA programs across the world are probably some of the sought-after courses for students across all disciplines. Studies have shown that an MBA degree can significantly increase your chances of higher pay by almost 100%. Of course, this is subject to the type of Business schools you get your MBA from as well. But in almost all the Business Schools and other MBA colleges, SOP is an integral part of the application process. An SOP is usually replaced by a cover letter, but some form of self-introduction is always present. For that purpose, it is important that you perfect how to write your SOP or a cover letter. While this article doesn’t profess to teach you how to write an SOP that will get you accepted, it will give you tips on how to write an SOP that stands out.


Tips on How to Write the best SOP for your MBA admission


1.  Most of the MBA colleges offering you admission are looking for some form of professional expertise. Your SOP should clearly reflect that. This is vital because for your MBA course, having professional expertise will only add to the merit. However, one must remember that it should not be you are boasting of it. Slide it in subtly as to mention your areas of expertise, how long you’ve worked and what are the key takeaways from that experience.


2.  One of the most important things in your SOP should be why you are pursuing an MBA course abroad. It can’t simply be about the fact that you’re looking for better pay. You’ll come off as someone who can’t work on their dreams and is looking for the easy way out. It has to be something profound in a way that convinces the panel that the MBA course was the logically right course for you. You can say that after your work experience, you’ve seen how companies really work and felt that mere technical knowledge isn’t enough, and therefore you needed some insight into the management side of operations as well. However, know that this is extremely generic and overused. Prepare your own version of this.



3.  Business Schools, especially Top MBA colleges invest a lot in a student and don’t really want it to go down the drain. It is best if you have a reasonable idea of where an MBA might take you after this. You can mention what you expect out of an MBA degree and how it’ll help you basing on your experience- like your own start-up, or involving in some specific role in some specific industry, etc.


4.  Studies have shown that most students who pursue an MBA course are usually from engineering or other technical backgrounds. It helps if you can mention why you want to change your background. An SOP is a glance into the life of the aspirant. best Business Schools’ admission panels glean a lot from such documents. Therefore, that’s your chance to highlight yourself as best as you can without sounding boastfully vain.


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