Stay back and Work Permit after Study in Switzerland



Thinking of Studying in Switzerland? Here’s What You Need to Know:

With its great infrastructure, beautiful landscape, and amicable culture, Switzerland scores high over other such educational destinations. One of the main facts that you must keep in mind if you are considering Universities in Switzerland is that all of the master’s programs in the country are sequential postgraduate programs. A student needs to have a bachelor’s degree in the same subject or a similar major as the master’s program that they are considering.


In Switzerland, the programs like MBA are categorized as executive education and usually, you will be asked to have some work experience and a bachelor’s degree in any field of study to get admission. Stay tuned till the end to find out about Stay Back and Work after studying in Switzerland.


Stay back and Work permit after Study in Switzerland


The Admission & Switzerland Visa Requirements

All academic universities are public in Switzerland and the cost of studying in them is extremely low. However, MBA programs are not paid for by the Government so those universities have higher fees. Admission requirement for Study in Switzerland varies according to whether you are opting for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s Programme: A valid maturity certificate or any equivalent foreign higher secondary school-leaving certification qualify for university entrance. The universities are free to make the decisions regarding the qualifications and certifications it recognizes. Special regulations exist for programs like human movement, sports science, and medicine.
  • Master’s Programme: The main criterion for a master’s program is the successful completion of the bachelor’s program. The universities make their own decisions on whether a foreign bachelor's degree is eligible to sit for the entrance exams or has access to admission based on other criteria.
  • Other criteria to Study in Switzerland: For master’s programs, the universities provide many of the study programs in English. The entrance exam is generally enabled for students who do not hold a recognized certificate according to the University criteria.


The Details of Switzerland Visa

The requirements for the Visa to Study in Switzerland depend on your country of origin. The students who come from EFTA/EU countries do not need to produce a Switzerland visa. In terms of Switzerland visa for Indian students, the students outside these regions will need a multiple entry long-stay Switzerland visa from the Swiss Embassy. It ideally takes about three months for complete processing. Within fourteen days of arriving, the students must register their identity documents, proof of enrollment, existing funds, and address with their local registration office. Health insurance is compulsory for all international students to apply for Switzerland Visa. Students from the EU naturally qualify for basic medical attention with the EHI Card.


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Working During and After the Study Program:

The students from EFTA/EU are allowed for studying and working in Switzerland for fifteen hours each week without needing a work permit while they Study in Switzerland. The students of other countries face stricter regulations. Only some highly qualified individuals are eligible for the work permits while others need to wait for six months after arriving in the country. In terms of work permits after study in Switzerland, students are allowed to remain in the country for six months after completion of the degree to look for jobs. The Switzerland Visa for a work permit is given to successful job applicants.

  • If you find an employer offering you a job, they will apply for your permit for a Swiss Work Visa.
  • During the job-hunt after the studies are over, one can work for 15 hours a week as a part-time employee.
  • A language test may be required, also the financial proof that you can sustain yourself in Switzerland during your stay.
  • A residency proof for the residency permit extension, where you will be staying in Switzerland once your studies are over. The extension can be done for only 6 months.
  •  As said, the duration of the Stay Back in Switzerland will be 6 months after graduation.
  • Work Permit will be valid as long as you are employed with a Swiss Employer.
  • If you want to become a Permanent Resident (PR in Switzerland), you must have lived in Switzerland for 10 Years.



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