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By far one of the most preferred study abroad destinations, the UK is a favorite to many. Studying in UK instantly reminds you of Oxford and Cambridge, and though they are the jewels of the UK’s crown, there is more to education in UK. So why study abroad in the UK as an international student? Here are the reasons:

Top Reasons to study in UK

Why Do International Students Choose to Study in the UK?

1. Top Universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to universally acclaimed universities of the world. Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL are in a league of their own. 76 of the universities from the UK feature in the QS University Rankings for the world. Here are the top universities in the UK:

And these are just five of the best, here is the full list of Universities: Top Ranking Universities in the UK 

2. Courses to Study

There is a number of opportunities for students coming from any academic background. There is a wide range of courses available in the top universities of the UK, from humanities to engineering and computer science to social studies. Here are the most popular courses from UK universities for international students:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Science and Medical Degrees
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences

For Arts and Humanities, and Engineering and Technology, Oxford and Cambridge are ranked at the top in the world. Along with the theoretical aspect, these universities offer tremendous research facilities to international students.

3. Top Education

One of the biggest benefits for international students in the UK is the length of the courses offered. The courses in the UK are shorter than in the rest of the world. Many of the Masters in UK are one-year courses, and that means you will graduate faster than the rest. As for the quality of education, the universities are some of the world's most prestigious as we have mentioned, and the opportunities are endless.

4. Rewarding Education

As we have mentioned, the courses in the UK are shorter than in others. Shorter courses mean fewer tuition fees for the course and lesser living expenses for a year than other studies abroad destinations. Therefore, on average, the overall cost for the cost will be less than that of the countries like Australia and even the USA. Compared to the other English-speaking countries like USA and Australia. Masters courses in UK cost less than Master's courses in USA.

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5. Scholarships to Study in the UK

There are a number of scholarships available for international students, from universities, government, and other entities. They are either need-based or merit-based and help international students with a waiver in the tuition fees, or financial aides. Here is the list of all the scholarships available for international students in UK: Scholarships to Study in UK

Not only that, with the help of fully paid scholarships, one can study for free in the country. Fully paid scholarships cover tuition fees, travel costs, living expenses, and much more. Read more about them here: Study in UK for Free

6. Employment

The employment opportunity rate for Studying in the UK is high compared to other countries. As indicated by the QS Graduate Employability Ranking, scores secured by Universities in UK are much impressive.

List of Universities in the UK with Graduate employability scores:


Universities in the UK

 Graduate employability Score 


University of Cambridge



University of Oxford



Imperial College of London



University College of London



University of Manchester



University of Bristol



Find out more here on: Stay Back and Work Options after Study in UK

7. Life Off-Campus

Universities in UK promote and encourage the wholesome development of students' personalities. For the students who are interested in extracurricular activities, UK may prove to be the best destination. The courses blend perfectly with the activities and vocational skills along with academics to help the overall growth of the students. Be its sports clubs and gyms or drama societies, there is something for everyone.

8. Work and Study in the UK

We all know that work is very important. As discussed earlier you know that courses are of short duration compared to other countries. You will start earning early and UK government allows 20 hours to work when you Study in the UK during the semesters, and full time during the semester breaks. This will help students with day-to-day expenses and tuition fees to some extent.

9. Health Benefits

Many medical advantages are given to those understudies doing full-time programs. National Health Scheme offers free or sponsored treatment for a time of a half year or more. In addition to this, private/non-supported colleges and Universities in the UK also offer medical advantages to the understudies.

10. Enhance your English

When you study in the UK, you have a stunning chance to enhance your English dialect abilities. And you know how? In the UK you will find that people speak English in their daily conversations. Because of this, you have to talk in English in order to communicate with them and in this way your language skills will improve and it will be an incredible help when going to different nations.


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