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University Of Toronto

University Of Toronto

Location: Toronto, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 45690 Masters: CAD 113775
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
McGill University

McGill University

Location: Montreal, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 15,760 Masters: CAD 15,760
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
Study in Canada without IELTS
The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 21600 Masters: CAD 15897
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Location: ave, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 15549 Masters: CAD  8,948
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
McMaster University

McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 14088 Masters: CAD 16761
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
University of Montreal

University of Montreal

Location: montreal, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 15,943 Masters: CAD 11,957
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,
University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

Location: Waterloo, Canada

Masters: CAD  14,508
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE
University of Western Ontario

University of Western Ontario

Location: London, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 24643 Masters: CAD 106500
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
The University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario

Location: london, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 24643
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
University of Calgary

University of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Canada

Bachelors: CAD 18330 Masters: CAD 12695
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,PTE MORE

Universities in Canada

Canada occupies the northern half of the North American continent and is renowned for its natural beauty. Canada is home to a diverse number of cultures and is a symbol of hope and unity across the world for this diversity. It is no surprise then, that every year a large number of international students from the remotest corners of the world come to colleges and universities in Canada to pursue their higher education. A common survey has proven that one out of every three people around the world who are under the age of 30 years old wish to study in Canada.


Canada is well known in world academic circles as a country that has a very high standard of education. There are around 250 educational institutes in Canada. These institutes are home to both local and foreign students seeking quality education. It was reported that almost 10% of the university population in Canada consists of international students.


To study in Canada, an international student must pass high school in his or her home country. Although the official languages of Canada are English and French, most of the courses and programs are conducted in English. This is a big reason to cheer for Indian or international students. So if one wants to get top-class affordable education from a beautiful and culturally diverse country, Canada is that country for him or her.


Reasons for studying in universities in Canada

  • Canada is one of the most developed nations in the world, and a big reason for this is the country’s consistent focus on improving its already high standard of education.
  • The reputation of Education in Canada is based on quality and is well known for its excellence across the entire education sector and employers across the world. Almost 90% of graduated students from Canadian Universities and Colleges are employed in their field of study within six months of the completion of their graduation.
  • Whether students want to study in Canada for fun or want to seriously chase a professional qualification in their academic field of study in the nation, there is an adequate number of Universities and Colleges in Canada to support their findings.
  • Canada provides programs of higher education that covers Undergraduate programs in Canada, graduate programs in Canada, programs Masters in Canada, College programs in Canada etc.
  • There are many schools like Business Schools in Canada, Medical Schools in Canada, Law Schools in Canada, Foundation Schools in Canada, Post-Secondary Schools in Canada, Colleges in Canada, etc.


Facts about Universities in Canada

  • 26 Canadian universities are identified as institutions of high quality.
  • Universities of Toronto and McGill University are some of the best universities in Canada by rankings according to QS world ranking.
  • The population of students in Canada is approximately 34 million.
  • An average of 18000 students are registered per university in Canada.
  • For graduates from the universities of Canada, there are about 1.6 million jobs available in Canada.
  • Around 40% of faculty members employed in universities in Canada have an international degree.
  • Canadian school fees are lower when compared with other American universities.
  • Canada provides on-campus residence options in almost 95% of its universities. Such options provide a meal plan and use of general utilities, although other housing options are also available for international students.
  • For students coming from other countries, English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL are mandatory.
  • Toronto, Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec are the top selected provinces for international students, having some of the best universities in Canada.


How to apply for universities in Canada?

International students can apply for any intakes in Canada by following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Do some initial research about the universities you want to apply. Know about their fee, deadlines, etc
  • Step 2: Check their admission requirements for international students, which may include Language requirements, Credit scores for the degree or program you want to apply for, Application letter to the university, etc.
  • Step 3: Submit all the required documents like a certified copy of your diploma or certificate, an updated CV (if needed), Language results that are no more than one year old for English or French, and proof of funds to show that you can support yourself and anyone who immigrates with you during your studies, If you are applying for a Ph.D. or Masters program, you will need to have two letters of Academic Reference, along with previous Letters of Employment, etc
  • Step 4: After your application is processed by the university, you will get your Offer letter or an Acceptance letter for admission to universities in Canada
  • Step 5: Then apply for your student visa in Canada and prove that you have enough funds to support yourself in Canada, you must also have a medical certificate(if you plan to study in Canada for longer than six months), etc.

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Top 5 Universities in Canada for international students

Canada is home to some of the world’s top universities. In fact, 26 institutions in Canada are counted among the best in the world. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, the Top Universities in Canada for Indian and other international students are given below:

  1. McGill University
  2. University of Toronto
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University of Alberta
  5. Université de Montréal 


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List of some universities according to their province/cities.

Canada has a well-established position in the world’s leading study destinations. some of Canada’s major provinces and cities with their universities are mentioned below: 

1. Colleges or Universities In Toronto Canada

  • University Of Toronto
  • York University
  • Rotman School of Management
  • Toronto Film School
  • Centennial College

2. Colleges or Universities In Ottawa Canada

  • University of Ottawa
  • Carleton University
  • Algonquin College
  • Saint Paul University
  • La Cité Collégiale

3. Colleges or Universities In Montreal Canada

  • University of Montreal
  • McGill University
  • The University of Quebec in Montreal
  • École Polytechnique de Montréal
  • HEC Montréal

4. Colleges or Universities in Vancouver Canada

5. Colleges or Universities in Quebec Canada:

  • Laval University
  • University of Quebec
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal
  • Concordia University

6. Colleges or Universities in Ontario Canada

  • Algoma University
  • Brock University
  • Carleton University
  • Lakehead University
  • Queen’s University

7. Colleges or Universities in Calgary Canada

  • Saint Mary’s University
  • Cambrooks College
  • Mount Royal University
  • University of Alberta Calgary Centre
  • Bow Valley College


Cheap Universities in Canada

Many international students choose to study in Canada for the great reputation of the universities,  ease and comfort of living, and also due to low tuition prices. For those looking for affordable degrees, here are 10 cheap universities in Canada for international students:


  • Brandon University, Manitoba
  • Canadian Mennonite University, Manitoba
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Simon Fraser University, British Columbia
  • Concordia University, Quebec
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Alberta
  • Dominican University College
  • Universite de Saint-Boniface


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Universities in Canada for MBA

A Canadian MBA is an affordable way to get a high-quality, internationally recognized degree. Here are some of the best MBA colleges in Canada for international students 


  • Ivey Business School - University of Western Ontario
  • Schulich School of Business - York University
  • Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto
  • Alberta School of Business - University of Alberta
  • Queen's School of Business - Queen's University
  • Beedie School of Business - Simon Fraser University
  • Desautels Faculty of Management - McGill University
  • Sauder School of Business - University of British Columbia
  • HEC Montreal
  • Edwards School of Business - University of Saskatchewan


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Universities in Canada for Engineering

Engineering and technology are subject areas, which open the doors to a variety of career paths, especially for graduates who decide to stay and work in Canada after graduation. Given below are some of the universities in Canada for engineering:


  • Laurentian University

  • Dalhousie University

  • Concordia University

  • Carleton University

  • University of Alberta

  • Cape Breton University

  • University of Regina

  • McMaster University

  • Simon Fraser University


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Universities in Canada for Medicine

Many students around the world choose to study medicine in Canada due to the high standard of living and the modern culture of the country. Many of the Canadian medical schools and universities have excellent infrastructure and facilities. Here is  List of Few universities for the study of medicine in Canada are given below:


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List of few universities in Canada without IELTS

Some universities will provide you with the opportunity to study in Canada without IELTS. They either need you to have completed your previous education in the language of English or provide one year of on-campus English courses. Some of these universities are given below:


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List of few Universities in Canada offering Scholarships

Scholarships in Canada universities are open to students from all academic disciplines as the cost of studying in Canada is not much affordable. Here are some of the universities which offer scholarships in Canada for international students pursuing their studies in Canada:


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