Cost of studying in Finland for International Students


Cost of studying in Finland

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The Northern European country offers the best education and standards of living to international students. But how much does it cost? Here is a look ar cost of study in Finland for international students, and the living costs in the country.

Cost of Studying in Finland

Finland University Fees:

The Universities in Finland are absolutely cost free for the EU/EEA students in Finland, there are fees for the students from non-EU countries. The English taught degrees starts at 1500 euros a year, and it can go up to 25000 euros a year.

Here are the average tuition fees and cost of study in Finland for International students:

Average Tuition Fees at Universities in Finland (English Taught Universities)

€10000 to €16000 per year

For Top Universities in Finland

€12500 per year

Top Universities in Finland and their tuition fees:

There are 10 Universities in Finland that feature in Top Universities Ranking for the world. Here are average tuition fees for Top Universities in Finland like University of Oulu and Aalto University:

QS Rank

Universities in Finland

Average Tuition Fees


Tampere University



University of Oulu



University of Helsinki



Aalto University


Cost of Living in Finland:

As it is case with any country, the metropolitans like Helsinki are expensive, and the costs get lighter as you move away from the big cities in Finland. Here are some of the average cost of living in Finland to give students an idea:


The average cost of accommodation is lower at student residence halls in Finland. However, only 32% of the international students can stay there. The other option is off campus stays, and they are shared apartments most of the times which brings down the accommodation costs to some percentage.

The students will have to pay 400 to 500 euros a month for an unshared apartment, when the apartments are shared, the cost of living in Finland comes down to 350 to 450 euros a month. The students living in the residence halls pay around 380 euros a month for the accommodation.

Cost of Food in Finland:

The cost of food in Finland varies largely between cities you stay in. There are supermarket chains that provide affordable groceries and discounts. The monthly groceries at supermarkets will cost you on an average around 200 to 250 euros.

A meal at an average restaurant will cost around €10 to €12. A three course meal at a decent restaurant for two people in Finland will cost you around €60.

Transportation and Other Costs of Living in Finland:

Transportation costs are lower for the students staying off campus when compared to students staying off campus for obvious reasons. Many students, more than 25% of all students, prefer to walk to the university on day to day basis.

A monthly pass for the students in public transportation costs around 35 to 50 euros a month. A private rental or taxi will cost much higher, as the weekly fare can go to as high as 230 euros for a week. For social activities, it is advisable to have a budget spared for 100 euros for a month.

There is a student union fees to be paid by the student at the time of registration at Universities in Finland. The student union fees in Finland is 100 euros for an academic year.

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