Cost of studying in Poland for International Students


Cost of studying in Poland

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Poland University Fees:

The public universities are tuition free universities in Poland, but only for the local students. For students outside of the Poland, the Universities charge tuition fees, and it will add to the cost of living in Poland for International students. There are private universities, too, and the fees vary with courses and the Universities providing them. Public Universities have lower fees compared to the private universities, but they are very competitive to get into.

Cost of Studying in Poland


Tuition Fees in Poland

Bachelor and Masters in Poland

2000 - 4000 Euro / Year


3000 Euro / Year

Medicine and MBA

8000 - 12000 Euro / Year

Vocational Studies

3000 Euro / Year

Language and Foundation Courses

2000 Euro / Year

Affordable Universities in Poland

Here are some of the most affordable Universities in Poland that will not add much to the cost of living in Poland for International students. The public universities in Poland as we have mentioned have low and affordable tuition fees for the international students. Here is the list of Universities in Poland with affordable tuition fees.

  • Agricultural University of Krakow, Kraków
  • Jagiellonian University, Kraków
  • University of Economics in Katowice, Katowice
  • Kozminski University, Warsaw
  • Lodz University of Technology, Łódź

Tuition Fees at Top Universities in Poland

There are more than 10 Universities in Poland that feature in the QS world university rankings. These are the top universities in Poland, and the average tuition fees to give you an idea about tuition fees and cost of living in Poland for International students.

Top Universities in Poland

Average Tuition Fees

University of Warsaw

Around 3000 Euros

Jagiellonian University

Around 4000 Euros

Warsaw University of Technology

Around 3000 Euros

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Around 5850 Euros

AGH University of Science and Technology

Around 6500 Euros

Financial aid, Grants, and Scholarships in Poland

There are many options to get financial help from your home country, Grants available in Holand, and also from your home country. There are scholarships offered by Polish Governments to study in Poland which you might want to have a look at, before applying at the Universities in Poland.

Education Loan to Study in Poland:

International students’ education loans are great way to fund and help costs of living in Poland for international students. Student loans are specifically designed for the students willing to study abroad. The repayment of the loan is flexible for the students, as many a time the repayment starts after a year’s period. Not only the loan helps international students with tuition fees, but also for the day to day living expenses.

Living Costs in Poland for International Students:

Living costs in Poland largely depend on the places you study and live in. Metropolitans like Warsaw will always cost you more than living in a rural area. The average cost of living in Poland for international students costs around 500 to 850 Euros a month. There will be differences in the amount on basis your accommodation type, lifestyle and social expenses in the Poland, and this is just an average number.


There are two types of accommodations in Poland. The University dorms and the private student dorms. The University dorms are cheaper and of course, closer to the Universities in Poland, but they are limited in numbers. The Private rental apartments have higher standards and higher rents.

Private Rental Apartments for Students

350 to 400 EUR / Month

On Campus Accommodation

170 to 200 EUR / Month

There are higher accommodation costs of living in Poland for international students in cities like Warsaw. The average rent for one bedroom apartment is 360 to 500 EUR / Month.

Food Costs

Average food costs in Poland for the international student is somewhere around 100 to 150 Euros a month. There are many cheap options available for the groceries that will help you minimize your cost of living in Poland for International student. The restaurants are decently priced, too. A three course meal will cost you around 23 Euros, and the drinks have an average price of 2 Euros.


The prices of gasoline keep changing, however the average is 1 Eur a litre. If the place students are staying is nearby the University, Poland is a very Pedestrian friendly country. A semester pass from the Universities cost around 50 euroes for the semeste for the students in Polish Universities.

These are some of the regular costs of living in Poland for international students, and there are some miscellaneous costs of stationary, internet and other costs that will be added, and again, the averages will change basis the places you are staying at.

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