Cost of studying in Spain for International Students


Cost of studying in Spain

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Spain is preferred by many international students for higher studies in different streams. Even for Indian Students, they target Spain as study abroad destination for a many Post Graduate programs. The major reason is, Spain has number of globally listed Universities with great reputation for high quality education and exposure. Let’s take a look at the affordability, cost of living and Universities tuition fees in Spain. 

Cost of Studying in Spain

Tuition Fees in Spain

University Tuition fees in Spain is calculated on the basis of Pay-per Credit format. So, it makes the fees variable, with every credit, and you can enroll for the second attempt or even for the third time, in the same course. In many regions, the cost fees of all degree programs are relatively very much lower than the fees in UK universities. In fact, there are some universities that charge the lowest fees in Europe. However, private Universities charge higher.

Spanish General Assembly for University Policy fixes the fee of all universities. This governing body fixes minimum and maximum fees, based on each region across the country.

Public Universities in Spain

Education bodies and boards fix the tuition fees at Public Universities in Spain, which applies at regional level. So, it varies with different areas all over the country. On an average basis, the fee range from £400 to £1,000 per year.

For bachelor degree programs, students are charged between 12.50 EUR to 36 EUR /credit, which counts to an equivalent of 750 – 2,100 EUR per year.

For Post Graduate and Masters programs, students are charged between 15 EUR to 55 EUR /credit, which counts to an equivalent of 900 – 3300 EUR per year.

The fee is standard for local students and international students.  Students who rejoin the same course for second or third time are charged higher than the typical course. However, it does not exceed more than the maximum amount fixed by the education bodies.   

Tuition fees at other types of institutes

According to the regulating bodies, private universities should not charge fees more than 18000 / EUR per year for any degree programs, from Graduates to Post Graduate courses. However, some business schools in Spain charges about 20,000 / EUR per year.

Course disciplines with lowest tuition fess

  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Bio-medicine

Maximum tuition fees at Spain for these disciplines do not exceed 2000 EUR per year for bachelors program, which is available at the top rated Universities in Spain. For same disciplines of study, Masters programs are charged at 3000 EUR per year.

For doctoral programs, many universities charge no more than 1000 EUR per year.

Cheapest Universities in Spain

Cost of education is not so high, rather are many Universities that charges very low fees in Spain. It is only private universities in Spain that charges higher fees. Here is the list of the most affordable universities in Spain, which also has great reputation in Spain. 

Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
University of Jaen 1000 EUR/year
Open University of Catalonia 1500 EUR/year
University of Lleida 1800 EUR/year
University of Valencia 2760 EUR/year

Tuition Fees in Top Universities in Spain

Universities tuition fees in Spain is relatively affordable except a few institutes. Apparently, international students look forward to study in top universities in Spain. Here is the list of high rated and top ranked universities in Spain and the tuition fees.

  1. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – fees range from 1,350 and 9,000 EUR per year.
  2. Pompeu Fabra University – tuition fees ranges between 3,000 and 4,000 EUR per year.
  3. CETT School of Hotel Management and Tourism – tuition fees starts from 4,000 and may lead to 11,000 EUR per year.
  4. EAE Business School – fees range from 12,900 to 28,000 EUR/year.
  5. University of Valencia – the average tuition fee is 2,760 EUR per year, which is standard for all courses, applies uniformly regardless of the chosen discipline.

Scholarships in Spain

Scholarships are generously provided for students who pursue Masters Programs and Post Graduate degree courses. Besides, Spanish government offers generous support for doctoral research students. This is applicable not only for Indian students, but also from all countries.   Students get different types of Scholarships based on Merit, based on region and based on annual alumni. Generally, scholarships are offered by three types of bodies,

  1. Spanish Government
  2. Spanish Studies organizations
  3. AIFA – American Institute for Foreign Study

Some of the popular scholarships include,

  • The American Institute for Foreign Study provide different types of partial scholarships for students for all students from all diversities, backgrounds and low income categories.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is provided for international students who pursue Doctorate Programs.
  • African Leadership in Business MBA Scholarships
  • Spanish Government Scholarships for International Students

Cost Of Living In Spain

Spain is typically an affordable country and living cost in Spain is not exorbitant. Among the different cities, Barcelona and Madrid are two expensive cities, when compared to others.

Average living costs in Spain Cities and Towns:-

On an average basis, students spend around 6,000 to 12,000 EUR per year at Spain. The type of accommodation counts a lot on living cost in spanish.

Cost of living in Barcelona / Madrid accounts to 1300 EUR per month inclusive of all expenses.

In other cities like Valencia, Cadiz or Seville, it accounts for maximum of 850 EUR per month. 

Accommodation in Spain

International students can rent accommodation from these categories. It includes,

  1. Exclusive residence for students – range from 350 to 650 EUR per month
  2. Rent an apartment – range from 500 to 800 EUR per month (If it is shared, accommodation cost becomes very cheap)
  3. Home Stays – Ranges around 600 EUR per month, inclusive of meals

Cost of Food in Spain

Normally, you have plenty of options to choose your cuisine in Spain. On an average basis, it calculates from 200 EUR to 300 EUR per month. Supermarket provides you cheapest rates for groceries. Including food along with accommodation saves a lot of money. 

Transportation in Spain

Transport cost is very low and it costs around 1.5 EUR a trip in public transport. Per month, transport cost does not go above 60 EUR, with a regular transport pass.

Extra Costs and savings in Spain

Other basic utilities excluding food calculates to, maximum of 200 EUR per month which includes internet, electricity, heating, water etc.

Additional expenses can include health insurance. However, cost of health insurance is not an added burden to the students who already got immigration. Because health insurance is mandatory to get visa approval.

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