Cost of studying in Sweden for International Students


Cost of studying in Sweden

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Sweden has been slowly emerging as a popular study abroad destination among international students. The country has eight of its universities featuring among the top universities of the world, ranked by QS. If you are someone who is looking forward to Sweden as a study abroad destination in the near future, here are all the finance-related details one should know before applying to a university in Sweden:

Cost of Studying in Sweden

Study in Sweden Cost

International students who do not belong to European Union and Switzerland need to pay fees for higher education in Sweden. The tuition fees at the universities in Sweden range from 7530 euros to 12240 euros a year. In local currency, that would be 80000 SEK to 130000 SEK. Students in Sweden need to buy their own books for each semester, which may cost around 75 to 100 SEK. The fees largely depend on the type, of course, one chooses to study in Sweden, and the University offering that course. The best way to check the Cost of Study in Sweden is to check university websites or contact them. The application fees for the universities in Sweden are 900 SEK or 85 euros. Students from Sweden, EU countries, and Switzerland can study in Sweden for Free.

Living Costs in Sweden for International Students

Here is a breakdown of average costs for the International students in Sweden, and they are required to present the proof of that amount to Swedish Immigration while applying for a Student visa in Sweden.

Study in Sweden Requirements:


4000 SEK

380€ / 430$


2000 SEK

190€ / 215$

Phone / Internet

300 SEK

30€ / 34$


550 SEK

52€ / 58$

Social Life / Hobbies

1500 SEK

140€ / 158$


8350 SEK

792€ / 895$


These are the official figures which one needs to prove in front of the immigration. The costs in bigger cities of Sweden might be higher than that, so let us have a look at top student cities in Sweden and living costs in them:

Cost of Living in Stockholm:

Stockholm is the capital and the largest city of Sweden, The Dining outside would cost you around 100 to 200 SEK. The Public Transport would be around 533 SEK. For unlimited busses and subway. The Accommodation can range from 3500 SEK to 7000 SEK in Stockholm.

Cost of Living in Gothenburg:

A meal outside in Gothenburg can cost anywhere from 70 SEK to 150 SEK. The public transport is much more affordable than in Stockholm, being 370 SEK for a month. The accommodation costs are between 3500 SEK to 5000 SEK.

Cost of Living in Lund:

Dining out in Lund is as expensive as in Stockholm, between 100-200 SEK. The Public transport is slightly on the higher side, with 560 SEK a month for unlimited buses. The housing is affordable in Lund, with rents starting from 2900 SEK and going on the higher side of 4900 SEK.

Study in Sweden Scholarships

Waivers and Study abroad scholarships are a great way to fund your study in Sweden fees and other expenses. There are a number of scholarships available from the government and universities to help international students with their finances. One needs to apply for the scholarships before the respective deadlines. The details of scholarships can be found on the official websites, where students can see if they are eligible or not, and start the application process.

Cheap Universities in Sweden for International students

For many universities, doctoral studies are free for international students, too. Therefore, if you are a Ph.D. student, Sweden can be a very affordable option. For bachelor’s and Master’s in Sweden, the options for the affordable universities are:

Cost of Study in Sweden for Indian Students

Courses offered in English, affordable education, and the opportunities after the studies are just a few of the reasons for Indian students to come and study in Sweden. The average cost of studying in Sweden for Indian students is around 137900 Swedish Krona or 14600 USD for a year. These numbers are for tuition fees in Sweden. The cost of living in Sweden will be around 25000 Swedish Krona, which would be 2700 USD.

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