Cost of studying in UK for International Students


Cost of studying in UK

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Opting to study in UK is probably the best possible opportunity you are giving to yourself. The flexible academic structure, the international recognition and the diverse student body from all around the world gives you a dynamic chance to share your background and discover new thoughts and perspectives. In nutshell studying in UK gives an edge to your resume and help you grow as a competent individual in all aspects.

Cost of Studying in UK

Tuition Fees in UK

There are two types of fees charged by the universities in UK. One is for the UK/EU students that is home student fees and the other one is for the non UK/EU students which is the international student fees.

  • Fees for UK/EU students:  for home students, this fee charged by the UK institutions can go up to a maximum limit of 9250 Pounds for undergraduate degree programs. Though it varies according to the university and the subject. Home students are also privileged to get a scholarship or funding either from the university or the research council or via a career sponsorship scheme.
  • Fees for NON UK/EU students:  For international students, the fees for the courses in under graduation usually start from 10000 Pounds for lecture based courses and for certain specific courses in medicine and engineering, it can go up to 38000 pounds. For post graduate programs the course fee varies somewhat between 11000 to 32000 pounds depending on the lecture or laboratory based courses.

Below is the list of few of the top affordable universities in UK with an approximate annual fee structure:

Affordable Universities

Annual International tuition fees (in UK Pounds)

Leeds Becket University


University in Bedfordshire


University of Wales, Trinity, Saint David


Wrexham Glyndwr University


York St. John University



Apart from the above, here is another list with the topmost universities in UK with their respective latest fee structure:

Top Universities

Annual International tuition fees (in UK Pounds)

University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


University College London (UCL)


Imperial College, London


University of St. Andrews



Scholarship and Funding: A large scale of scholarships are offered by the Government, the individual universities, independent organizations and many charitable organizations. The official websites for academics of UK government provide the details of scholarships available from the British Council and other organizations. If you are applying in one of your desired universities in UK, it is always advisable to go through the overview of the support system and scholarships available in your own country. The only difficulty with UK scholarship programs are the fact that they are more widely available for masters programs compared to the undergraduate courses. However it is always worthy to go through the official website of your chosen university as there might be a chance for the undergraduate students having exceptional quality.

Here is a list of few of the government funded and non-governmental scholarships available for international students

  • British Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • Commonwealth shared scholarship scheme at UK Universities
  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Euraxess UK
  • CastleSmart Scholarship

Cost of living in UK

Student Accommodation in UK

It is a tradition for international students to live in the university hall residence during the first year of their course work. Many universities offer hall residence both with and without catering service. For catering service, the fee is included in the rent they charge. The students often shift in rented apartments in a group or single handedly in the latter years of their course work. University residence halls or a shared accommodation is definitely more affordable.

According to one of the surveys done by the National Student Accommodation Survey 2017, students pay about 125 pounds per week on an average for housing rent. It is notable, however, the cost of living in London is much high than the rest of the UK. The house rent paid by a student in London costs about 185 to 190 Pounds per week. Another 70 to 80 pound per month must be included for paying the bills of internet and other utilities.

UK Food Cost

On an average you need to pay 30 pounds for food for a week. Once in a while you may go to a pub or restaurant or indulge yourself in a night out with a group of friends. A single meal would cost you about 12 to 15 pound where as a night out can be as expensive as 30 pounds, that too outside London.

Transportation cost in UK

If you are living at a distance from your university, you may include your transport cost between 10 to 15 pounds per week. Books and other course materials: Since tuition fees don’t include the books and other course material depending on lectured based or laboratory based course work, you are expected to spend about 30 pounds per month for these essential equipment. Apart from all the above expenditures, mobile and clothing are necessary on a regular basis. The mobile phone bill is likely to be 15 pounds monthly on an average. Besides, the expenditure clothing and other little requirements might cost you around 35 to 55 pounds in a month.

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