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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

The universities in Switzerland generally have the same requirements as the universities of other countries. Almost all the universities accept the online application, and some of them have application fees, too. The international students coming to Switzerland also require a student visa. Here is How: How to Apply to a University in Switzerland?

From Engineering to Management, there is a lot to explore in Switzerland. The country is known for having some of the largest NGOs headquarters like the WHO (World Health Organisation) and more. Here are the top courses to study in Switzerland: Choose Top Courses to Study in Switzerland

Unfortunately, you cannot study for free in New Zealand. However, there are fully paid scholarships in Switzerland that may allow some of the students to study in Switzerland effectively for free. These scholarships not only help the students with the tuition fees for the universities in Switzerland but also with the living expenses. Though keep in mind that the scholarships are extremely competitive and there are some expenses that students might have to bear. Here is More: Study in Switzerland for Free

Like many European Countries surrounding Switzerland, there are a number of international universities in Switzerland with a large number of English taught courses.

Students can work and study in Switzerland during their semesters for 15 hours/week. The students are allowed to work full time during their semester breaks.

A gap always decreases the chances of admission to a university abroad. Here, if you can provide the university with significant work experience and internships, the applications are considered.

There are a number of reasons why one should choose Switzerland as their study abroad destination. From the international standards of education to a number of after study opportunities, there is a lot for international students at the universities in Switzerland. Read More about that here: Top Reasons to Study in Switzerland

The process to study in Switzerland is the same as the other international students. Lately, many Indians are choosing to study in Switzerland, especially for courses like Engineering and MBA. Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva are some of the most preferred destinations for Indian Students to study in Switzerland.

Apart from the fully paid scholarships, and there are also other scholarships to help with the expenses to study abroad. Contrary to popular belief, a study in Switzerland is not as expensive. The university fees are aligned with the European Universities’ average and the return on that investment is fairly profitable.

The Application and Admission requirements for studying in Switzerland will vary with the course and University you choose to apply. There are some nationalities that can apply to the universities in Switzerland without having to apply for IELTS and other language tests. The best way is to check the course requirements before applying.

The cost of studying in Switzerland depends on two factors: the course/university you choose and the city you are in. The University fees can go up to 6000 euros for public universities, and 16000 euros for private universities’ management courses. Here is all you need to know: Cost of Studying in Switzerland

As we have already mentioned, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva are some of the best student cities in Switzerland. Here is all you need to know: Best Student Cities in Switzerland for International students.

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