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Student visa For Poland

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Poland has been emerging as a popular study abroad destination in central Europe for some years now. Before applying for the University in Poland, it is important to understand the visa process for the country. This guide will help you with all the procedures and documents required for Poland Student Visa and Residence Permit required to Study in Poland:

Student visa for Poland

Types of Visa in Poland:

There are two types of visas offered by the Consulate General of the Republic in Poland. The short-stay Schengen visa is also called a type C visa, and the long-stay National Visa in Poland is called Type D Visa.

Type C Visa:

If you are willing to stay in Poland for up to 90 days, then the Schengen Type C visa is for you. In the time duration of 180 days, the visa allows you to stay in Poland for 90 days, with multiple entries. However, the visa is not suitable for the students, and most of them will have to apply for a Long Stay Type D Visa.

Type D Visa: Poland National Visa

This is the long-stay visa in Poland and students who are willing to stay in Poland for more than 90 days. Poland National Visa has some requirements that we will discuss further, and it also has an interview for the visa. Here are all the requirements for Poland Student Visa and Interview Process.

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Poland Student Visa: Documents Required

  1. Application Form: The Application form for Poland National Visa is free and can be downloaded from the website. You will need to fill the form out and fill in every detail. Photographs are attached to the application where needed.
  2. A Valid Passport and the photocopy of the data page of the Passport.
  3. Cover Letter: The Cover letter includes why you want to study in Poland, and your intent to return to your home country once your program is over. With a cover letter, you will attach the supporting documents that are required for the visa process.
  4. Letter of Acceptance from a Recognised University in Poland.
  5. Flight Tickets
  6. Proof of Accommodation
  7. Medical Insurance: with coverage up to 30000 euros.
  8. Academic Documents: Degree Certificates, Transcripts, and Mark Sheets.
  9. Monetary Fund Proofs: See Requirements below.
  10. Payment Receipt of Visa Application Fees (99 EUR, depending on the home country)

The Original Documents should be separately presented to the nearest consulate of the Embassy of Poland in your country by booking an appointment with them. When you submit your application and the documents, the process will move further to the interview process.

Poland Student Visa Interview:

Once you submit all the documents and the Poland Student Visa Application at the consulate, you will be provided with a token for the interview. Poland Student Visa Interview is an integral part of the Poland Visa Process. The Interview however is pretty straightforward. The questions will be about your previous travels, the university you will be studying in, your accommodation and jobs if you will be doing any, and the sponsors of your education. Students are needed to answer honestly, and the Visa process is quite fluent if you have all the documents required.

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Poland Student Visa Financial Requirements:

For Poland, the financial requirements for students of higher education and research purposes are 800 PLN (187 EUR / 211 USD) a month. The return air ticket is also mandatory. If the student has not purchased the return ticket, the amount of 2500 PLN (581 EUR / 658 USD) is required.

Adding them both, the monetary funds required for the Poland Student Visa are 12100 PLN (2814 EUR / 3184 USD )a year.

Poland Student Visa: Step by Step Application

Step 1: The first one is to search for a Polish embassy.
Step 2: You need to read every single instruction very carefully and follow all of them strictly.
Step 3: You should fix an appointment with the consulate and in this process; you might need to register through the official website.
Step 4: Assemble all the essential documents mentioned above
Step 5: Recheck once and submit along with the fees. 

The visa processing time for the Poland Student Visa is around 15 days. Please start the Poland Visa process well in advance to stop complications of any sort because Student visa approval might take a longer time than you had expected.

As we have mentioned, the Poland Student Visa application is not at all complex once you have the documents required. Non-EU Students are supposed to apply for Polish Residence Permit once they arrive in Poland before their Visa expires. The students will be granted temporary residence permits for up to 15 months at the first application.

The Application for Residence should be submitted at Voivodeship Office in Poland, which costs approximately 390 PLN (91 EUR). The same documents will be required for the residence permit as the visa process, however, it is always advisable to check the requirements before applying at the Migrant Info Poland.

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Poland Visa For EU citizens

EU students enjoy the maximum benefits if they wish to pursue higher studies in Poland. The temporary residence permit does not apply to them. They only need registration for their stay within 3 months of their arrival. They must process this through the local administrative office. This is absolutely cost-free. The validity is for an unlimited period of time. You might go through the official websites of these administrative offices for more details.

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