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Student visa For Spain

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Spain is one of the most favorite study abroad destinations, preferred by international students, from all around corners of the world. Even for Indian students, studying in Spain is a passion. If you wish you study in Spain, you should get education visa. Different types of visas are provided to visitors for different types of visit. You can apply spain visa for education or for work.

Student visa for spain

Visa Application For Spain

If you are an international student from any EU country or EEE country, there is no need to apply for visa in Spain. It means you there are no visa requirements with respect to education visa for EU students. For Indian students and students from other countries, they should meet certain visa requirements to study abroad in Spain. So, initially, you have to zero on the University to apply and get the letter of acceptance / admission.

If you still haven’t decided upon the university, make a decision and get your admission confirmed before you start processing for the visa application. Valid acceptance from any Spanish university as well as proof of payment for the course fee forms important document to submit along with visa application for student visa.

Spain Visa Types

Generally, each country offers various types of visa, from business visa to traveler visa. In case of education visa or student visa spain, the duration of your course zeroes on the category of visa you should apply.

  • 180 Days – D type Visa – Applicable for those students who decided to study abroad in Spain, where duration of the course range between three to six months
  • Students Visa – D Type Visa – Applicable for those students who decided to study abroad in Spain, where duration of the course that lasts more than six months

Spain has extended a great option for students. Students who apply for spain visa can get a card called Residence Card for Foreign Students, which is called TIE. This is applicable for Indian students too. TIE is a card with annual validity that provide temporary permit to stay in country only during the course of studies. So, it is valid for one year upon receipt, per academic year where students can renew the same for subsequent academic years until they complete course in Spain.

Rules and Regulations to meet to get immigration and study Visa

Remember, you cannot apply for student visa spain or study visa when you are at Spain for any reason. If you are in Spain for a short stay or tour or dependent visa, you cannot apply for study visa while in Spain. You are allowed to apply for study visa only from the home country with proper documents.

Similarly, Spanish Government doesn’t allow you to change Visa, once you arrive in Spain with study visa.

Once your spain visa application for study is accepted, immediately contact the Spanish embassy and get the details about the documents for application of visa. Sometimes, the requirements for visa application and process may vary with each Consulate or Embassy, from your country.

Spain Visa Documents Required

  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Passport – With validity for the intended period of your stay in Spain
  • 2 recent passport size photos
  • Information about the study programme (extended details regarding your chosen degree within the university, such as the hours of study per week)
  • Letter of acceptance from a Spanish university
  • Medical certificate
  • Health insurance – it should have a minimum coverage no less than 30,000 EUR for the whole duration of your course
  • Proof for financial support during your stay (at least 900 EUR/month)
  • Visa application fee (60 EUR)
  • Criminal record certificate (no older than five years, issued by the relevant authorities in your home country)

Student Visa Spain Application Form

It is generally recommended to submit spain visa application form at least 10 weeks before your course starts. Duration to visa processing time may vary with every country and with every consulate. Besides, do not book tickets until the visa is stamped.

Spain Student Visa Work Permit

Spain Student Visa Interview Questions

There are a bunch of questions the visa officials can ask you, and if you are well prepared, there will be no problem in clearing the interview and acquiring the visa. The common questions for the interview include: Why did you choose Spain? Why have you chosen the course you have chosen? Why this particular University? How will you fund your living and study expenses in Spain? Do you know anyone in Spain? What are your plans after studying? and so on.  

Student Visa for Spain from India

Just like other Non-EU students, Indian students are required to apply for Study Visa in Spain (Type D). Students are advised to apply for the visa as soon as they are accepted into a Spanish University, as the visa process takes a little time. The requirements for the documents are the same as the other countries. You will be required to download the National Visa Form for Spain and submit it to the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi. Indian students are also required to submit their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) and appear for the visa interview.

How Long Does it take to get a Student Visa to Spain

Depending on the location, your student visa processing time for the Spain Study Visa will change. On average, the student visa takes 30 to 60 days to process. The students, therefore, are advised to apply for the visa as soon as they are notified from the University about their acceptance in the institution.

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