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Student visa For Switzerland

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Known for its top-notch science, research and business programs, Switzerland is one of the emerging destinations for Indian students wanting to study abroad. The presence of international organizations like the United Nations and World Economic Forum also attract international relations and law students to the country. It is one of the safest education destinations in the world.

International students planning to apply for a student visa need to be particularly mindful of the different kinds of visas and when to apply for them. The type of Visa you will require depends on your Time in Switzerland. Visa types and application processes are similar to a huge degree for most countries in the EU and EFTA. For example, applying for a visa to study in Germany will more or less be the same as listed in this article.

Student Visa for Switzerland

National Visa D to Study in Switzerland

If you’ve already been accepted at one of the Universities in Switzerland of your Choice, you are eligible to apply for this study visa. The safest timeframe for visa application would be 3 months before your degree program is scheduled to commence. Visa processing time is usually unpredictable, it is therefore crucial to apply as early as possible in case of delays. If you are staying in Switzerland for more than 3 months, then you will have to apply for a residence permit for the same. The residence permit is taken from the Cantonal Migration Office of the Canton you will be residing in, within 14 days from the arrival.

Schengen Visa Switzerland

Schengen C is a short-term visa that international students can get for durations up to 3 months. If you’re only going to attend say, summer school or a language course, which will only take a few months at max, this is the type of visa you’re required to get. As Switzerland is one among the 26 countries that form the ‘Schengen’ group of countries, anyone with this kind of visa can move freely between the 26 countries, except in special cases. Keep in mind that Schengen Visa cannot be extended or renewed. You will have to return to your home country and apply for a visa for Switzerland again.

Dependent Visa

This kind of visa is allowed for immediate family members, including same gender civil partners, of someone already living or working in Switzerland. A dependent visa allows also allows the holder to travel, study and work in Switzerland.
Visa requirements for a dependent visa include a valid national passport (with validity of 3 months beyond date of return), applicant’s cover letter, the family member’s letter requesting residence permit, marriage or civil partnership certificate and birth certificates of children. Switzerland Visa at Swiss VFS application costs about 5000 INR for adults, 3,000 INR for children between 6-12 years and for children under 6, there’s no cost.

Documents Required For Swiss Visa Application

Now that we’re clear on the different types of visas, let’s look at visa requirements and Switzerland visa requirements. For an education visa, students are required to apply for a visa form through the Swiss Embassy in their home country, usually by going in person.

Documents needed for both Schengen C and National Visa D are mostly same, with some additional documents for the latter, since it is for a longer duration. Required documentations are listed below:

  • Valid national passport or travel ID that is valid for three months beyond your stay in Switzerland.
  • Three copies of Application for National Visa D filled and signed.
  • Four Passport size photographs.
  • Bank statements for proof that you’re financially self-sufficient to cover living costs during your program
  • Healthcare insurance (with additional cover for accidents for National Visa D)
  • Confirmation of course enrolment and payment of fees to the university
  • If under 18, birth certificate and copies of parents’ passports and if f traveling alone, authorization to travel from guardians
  • CV and motivation letter detailing why you’ve chosen to study in Switzerland and the benefits you will derive from your course (only for National Visa D)
  • Copies of all degrees and diplomas you hold, including English language certifications (if applying for visa without IELTS or TOEFL, then language certificates in either French, Italian or German are compulsory)
  • Signed letter for proof that once your program ends, you will leave the country immediately.

International students applying for National Visa D might be required to undertake a language test in any of the languages used as mode of instruction in Swiss Universities, namely English, French or German.

Visa application fee for adults falls roughly around 5,000INR, and it is the same no matter what country you’re applying to. Be it Switzerland or Germany visa cost the same. Although for students applying to study, this fees is usually waived off unless in special cases. All applicants are required to pay VFS Switzerland a service charge of 1533 INR, and payments are to be made in cash, though some consulates allow cards and bank transfers as well.

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