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PTE Exam Pattern

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For candidates who want to study abroad, or prove their proficiency in the English language for immigration purposes, PTE is one of the widely preferred options. PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English, and as the name suggests, the candidates are assessed in their abilities to speak, read, write and comprehend the language. Here, we are talking about PTE Exam Pattern. For more information on the exam, you can check the links given below:

PTE Exam Pattern


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PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE exam structure is made up of three main sections. They include Speaking & Writing, Reading, and listening sections. Each section is scored independently, and you get an overall PTE exam score, too.

PTE Speaking & Writing Pattern:

The speaking section of the PTE exam pattern will be an assessment of the English speaking abilities of the candidate. One will be asked to provide their introduction, read aloud from the academic texts, and so on. The writing is the same, as it will assess the abilities of a candidate to answer an academic test or an essay about a topic. There will be a dedicated time duration for the Essay writing, which is 20 minutes. The overall timings of the section are 77 to 93 minutes. You can also check out PTE Exam Syllabus for detailed information.



 Types of Questions

 Time Duration

 Speaking & Writing 

 77 to 93 Minutes 

 Personal Introduction 

 25 seconds to Prepare

 30 seconds to Record 

 Read Aloud

 30-40 seconds to Prepare

 Repeat Sentences

 3-9 seconds to Prepare

 15 seconds to Record

 Describe Image

 25 seconds to Study the Image and Respond 

 Retell Lecture

 40 to 90 seconds to Answer

 Short Questions

 20 seconds (10 to Answer)

 Summarise Text

 10 Minutes


 20 Minutes

PTE Reading Pattern:

The reading section for the PTE is for around 32 to 41 minutes. The section is an assessment of a candidate’s ability to read and understand the written text. There are five sections in the reading section, which overall adds up to the 32-41 minute duration of the section. Here is the PTE Exam Pattern for the reading:



 Types of Questions

 Length of Text 


 32 to 41 Minutes 

 Multiple Choice, Single Answer

 300 Words

 Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

 300 Words

 Paragraph Reorder

 150 Words

 Fill in the Blanks (Reading)

 80 Words

 Fill in the Blanks (Reading & Writing) 

 300 Words

PTE Listening Pattern:

The Listening section will have an audio or video clip that will be played once and therefore one has to listen to it carefully. The clips will play automatically. The candidate can decrease or increase the volume of the clips from the control bar on the screen. Here is all you need to know about the Listening section of the PTE Exam:



 Types of Questions

 Time Duration


 77 to 93 Minutes 

 Highlight the correct summary

 30-90 seconds

 Multiple-choice questions, Single Answer 

 30-60 seconds

 Select missing word

 20-70 seconds

 Fill the blanks

 30-60 seconds

 Highlight incorrect words

 15-50 seconds

 Write from dictation

 3-5 seconds

 Summarize spoken text

 50 to 70 words, 60-90 seconds to Prepare 

 10 Minutes to Write 

 Multiple-choice questions, Multiple Answer 

 40-90 Answers

The pattern for the PTE exam is very similar to the other English Language tests of a similar kind. If you prepare for the PTE, it will also give you an idea to prepare for the other tests. Moreover, for countries like Australia, PTE is also useful for immigration procedures. 

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